Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Different Types of Veiling Materials

I am often asked about the different types of veiling fabrics available for veils. There are many different types available and learning about all of the options available can make your head spin so hopefully this post will be helpful in your process of choosing the right veil for you. 


The most common veil fabric mostly due to its economical cost is the bridal illusion tulle. Many of the veils you have seen are made of this type of material. Illusion tulle is supposed to be softer than the standard tulle you see in the craft store however it still has some body to it. There are various qualities of tulle available so I strongly recommend ordering a sample so you can see the tulle quality you are getting from where you plan to order your veil. Also a smart choice for color matching to your wedding dress. At Melinda Rose Design we use a soft 100% nylon tulle that is manufactured in the US. The pictures below show two examples of veils made with the bridal illusion tulle. 


Silk Tulle is the cream of the crop veiling but it comes with a hefty price tag. It has a soft hand and is super drapey. The most expensive and luxurious is French Silk Tulle. There is also english and italian silk tulle both incredibly beautiful. English and Italian silk tulle are less expensive than french silk tulle but still expensive. Silk tulle also ranges from slightly opaque to sheer. Silk tulle is a great option if you are looking for an heirloom quality veil however it must be preserved correctly. At Melinda Rose Design we use English Silk tulle because it is the most sheer and strong enough to handle lace sewn to it. It is imported from the UK. The picture below show an examples of silk tulle and its beautiful drape. 


English Net is another beautiful option if you are looking for something that is soft and drapey but without the silk tulle price tag. It is a little more opaque so this will be something you will want to consider especially if wearing it over the face. It is also a narrower fabric (54") so it is only available in a light fullness. At Melinda Rose Design we use a 100% nylon english net imported from the UK. Below are examples of veils made with english net. 


Silk chiffon is incredibly beautiful, silky soft and has a beautiful drape. It is more opaque than traditional tulle and also only comes in a light fullness option (54"). I wouldn't recommend it for a blusher covering the face but it makes a beautiful flowy long veil. At Melinda Rose Design we use 100% silk chiffon fabric. Below are some examples of veils made with silk chiffon.

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Friday, May 8, 2015

Wearing a wedding garter

History of the Wedding Garter:

Centuries ago wedding guests believed that having a piece of the wedding dress brought them good luck but this would end up with the brides dress being ripped and torn thus the idea of the wedding garter was born. Though the tradition has evolved a bit it is still incorporated into many weddings today. 

How to measure for your wedding garter?

Super easy just find a cloth measuring tape and measure around your leg where you want to wear the garter. Usually garters are worn about 6 inches above the knee but you can where it wherever it feels most comfortable. No worries if you do not have a cloth measuring tape! You can just use a piece of string to measure the distance then measure the string on a ruler, yard stick or tape measure.