Friday, June 29, 2012

Photoshoot with Atlas & Elia Photography

Beautiful Rhinestone Beaded Bridal Sash

I just can't believe how far I've come with my flower shop! Recently, however, I have been pushing myself to take things a step further and work on designing more elaborate pieces. I even plan on introducing a whole wedding line for the 2013 wedding season which will include a more extensive repertoire of veils and head pieces mainly focused on the bride but also available for bridesmaids.

I began pouring over all the new wedding dress designs from the recent wedding runway fashion show for 2013 to see where I was going to take my designs. Of of my absolute favorite wedding designers Claire Pettibone caught my eye again with her unique and timeless designs. Just GORGEOUS!!! So inspired and full of vision I began to create some pieces.

In the midst of all this passion and inspiration I met the most adorable girl named Claire! The second I saw her I knew she was going to be the perfect model for my upcoming line! She looks like she literally stepped right out of the twenties! She is absolutely gorgeous! My son said she reminds him of a Grecian Goddess (cute!). So I went right up to Claire and asked her if she would be willing to model some veils I wanted to reshoot for my Etsy shop ( possibly some other pieces I was working on. To my surprise, she was equally excited and said YES! She told me about a photographer friend that was amazing and professional but I graciously declined.

I went home simply ecstatic and of course got right to work on some designs I had been working on! Things were just flowing! I thought there is no way I can hold onto these pieces until 2013! So I set up a date with Claire to do the photoshoot for the veils and new pieces and quickly got overwhelmed since I'm not a professional photographer. I wasnt sure how I was going to handle all the to dos of a photoshoot: hair, make up, wardrobe, lighting, changing hair pieces, securing a location.... But thank goodness, Claire had told her photographer friend about me anyways (Cheer)!!! Atlas & Elia Photography contacted me the next day and asked me to do a style shoot for sometime in the near future for a local wedding venue which I excitedly agreed to be a part of (details later).

Sooo...I was getting overwhelmed...and I thought to myself maybe Atlas & Elia Photography ( would be able to help even though the shoot is only a couple days away?? So I sent off an email hoping and praying she could help but also realistically knowing that it probably wasn't going to happend with everything being so last minute :( Boy was I ever wrong!!! She jumped at the opportunity with her whole heart, full of excitement and passion.

We sent a few emails back and forth and instantly knew her and I were a match made in heaven. We loved all the same photographers and designers! It was awesome! She was awesome! The rest was simply MAGICAL! I know a little corny but it's the truth! Everything went just perfect: the hair, the make up, the wardrobe, the lighting, the get the picture :) Here is the amazing fruit of here labor and a sneak peek at my latest designs (not available online yet! Please do comment and share :) Thank you so much Atlas & Elia Photography! I look forward to all the work we get to do together and display for all the world to see!

I should also mention Michelle DesCombaz our hairstylist who did a simply amazing job with all the girls' hair and help with placement of all the hairpieces and veils! Please check out her blog @ We absolutely couldn't have done it with out you!!! ♥ ♥

Love Melinda Rose

One of gorgeous features on location at the photoshoot

 Ivory Bridal Hair Flower Fascinator Clip

Ivory / Light Beige Bridal Flower Fascinator Hair Piece or Bridal Sash with Beaded Rhinestones

Ivory Bridal Flower Fascinator Head Piece or Bridal Sash with Beaded Rhinestones Leaves

Rhinestone Beaded Leave Hair Piece or Bridal Sash

Small Ivory Handmade Flowers with Pearl Center

Rhinestone Beaded Ribbon Headband or Bridal Sash

White Birdcage Veil

 Ivory Birdcage Veil

White Birdcage Veil

 Ivory Bandeau Birdcage Veil with Pearls

Ivory Birdcage Blusher Veil

 Ivory Blusher Birdcage Veil with Dew Drops

Ivory Blusher Veil