Wednesday, October 23, 2013

How to care for and store my wedding veil until the wedding

When you receive your tulle veil carefully take it out of the box and hang it up. Make sure to put the veil back in the bag to keep it from getting dusty. Hang it in a dark place away from the sun and animals like a closet. In my studio, we use clothes pins to hold the comb to the hanger. Long veils will need to hang from a high spot or can be folded over a hanger. 

To remove wrinkles you can get your veil steamed at a professional dry cleaners or you can steam it yourself with a steamer. Another tip I tell my brides if you don't have a steamer is to just hang it up (out of the bag) in the bathroom (not in the shower) and turn the shower on full heat and let the bathroom steam up. The steam from the shower will get most if not all the wrinkles out. Do this for about 10 mins or longer for more stubborn  wrinkles. You can hand smooth any stubborn wrinkles as well and let it steam a little longer if needed. Super easy! You can even do this the morning of as long as you leave your veil enough time for the steam to evaporate from the veil itself. A little water will not harm your veil. 

Also make sure the area around your veil is clean if it needs to drape on the floor :)


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