Sunday, January 29, 2012

Me :)

I am a mom of three amazing boys and have a wonderful husband of 10 years!! After dedicating my life to babies, toddlerhood and autism giving no time for myself I finally decided it was time to do things that I wanted to do and create!! Soooo...I rearranged the house and made a room all for myself to do just that... DESIGN & CREATE. Ahhhh, the words are like music to my ears! I love to make all things beautiful. Not just pretty to look at but something that stirs the soul, and envokes the heart. Beauty to me isn't something that is superficial but is magical and enchanting. It has the power to change its environment, to create a moment or a lasting memory.... Thus my bridal business was born out of my passion to make the world beautiful, meaningful, inspiring and romantic. I love every minute of it!!!

Welcome to my blog!!!

I am very excited to create my new blog for my new business on Etsy! I am having so much fun! Seriously...I'm not sure why I didn't start doing this years ago. But it came along at just the right time. Here are some photos from my most recent photoshoot. The temp is like in the upper 20's to lower 30's. Rixy is such a sport! She kept telling me she was fine! LOL yeah right! I love this girl! She is one of the sweetest most adorable and fun people I know! So thanks to my dear friend Rixy for freezing your little hiney off :) You look amazing!

Teal Blue Peacock Flower Hair Clip
I love this one!!! Its been a popluar one too especially for weddings, bridal parties :) Very exciting! The flower actually sat around for several months before I found the perfect look to finish it off with but when I did the inspiration just hit me. Its the best way!
Vintage Style Blue Green Peacock Flower Hair Clip
This is seriously one of my very first flowers I ever made...very vintage and I love how the blue just pops!
Ivory Cream Fabric Flower Hair Clip
This is probably one of my very favorites! It takes me back to the 40's and 50's. There is something about it that is so retro!
Teal Blue Violet Purple and Olive Green Flower Hair Clip
You can't see it in the pic but this one also has black bridcage netting accent pieces. I have pics in my etsy shop. I will be doing a retake of this one because it just doesn't do the flower justice.
Teal Fabric Flower Hair Clip
Great flower for the bridesmaids
Large Ivory Dalia Flower Hair Clip (Cream)
This would be such a beautiful flower for a bride at a beach wedding

Soft Pink Peony Silk Flower Hair Clip
Soooo Romantic!!

Ivory Peony Silk Flower Hair Clip

Magenta Peony Silk Flower Hair Clip

Mustard Yellow Fabric Flower Hair Clip with Vintage Style Cameo
This one also has layers mustard yellow sparkle tulle. Unfortunately you can't see in this pic :( Other pics I have do show the sparkle but I just love this pose!

You can purchase any of these flowers at my etsy shop. Oh and I love special requests :) Please don't hesitate to ask. If you don't see it listed just send me an email.