Wednesday, January 22, 2014

All about birdcage veils!!

There are so many creative ways to wear a birdcage veil or blusher veil! Its mind blowing to see the creativity that is running rampant out there for all the brides to be :) It can also be super overwhelming especially when you are new to the game! So here is the low down on the different types of birdcage veils and blusher veils available as well as some great styling ideas.

Three Basic Styles:

This is the CLASSIC birdcage veil sewn onto a single comb. This is the most popular length: 9-10" from the comb to the front edge of the comb. The comb in the picture is placed near the top of the head. It is not long enough to be place all the way back  behind the head and go over the face. However, you can also find lengths of 12" and 18" styles. The 12" will be slightly larger around and the 18" will be even larger to accommodate going around the head fully. You will need to ask the manufacturer specifically for this measurement as these are not consistent. Birdcage veils are also commonly styled in the hair with bobbie pins to give the veil the exact style you want. Birdcage netting is springy so the bobbie pins help hold it down.

This is the BANDEAU style veil. This is a strip of birdcage veiling that is secured in the hair with bobbie pins  or with small combs on each end. This style is typically placed with the combs on the left and the right sides of the head. It can be worn tight fitting like the photo or more of a loose style. This style also requires extra bobbie pins and a little pinching along the top edge of the netting to secure it neatly to the head. The bandeau style can also be made in tulle.

Here is a Tulle Blusher similar to the birdcage style. This particular veil is made with a silk tulle but it is commonly made with standard bridal illusion tulle. The silk tulle is less springy and easier to form over the head. This is also the same style and length (9-10") as the classic birdcage veil above. This style is more flexible with lengths as it can be cut to the exact length that you want.

Various other designs based on the blusher style:

This is a double layer tulle and birdcage veil. This style has been very popular as it helps to soften the netting and add a little different style to the traditional birdcage. This veil is 10-11" but is also available in longer lengths similar to the traditional birdcage veil. I have also seen it worn with the top layer flipped back.

You can also do a double layer with just tulle. The veil can be the traditional size or a larger more full size like pictured below. The layers can both be flipped forward or one back and one forward. Then for the reception you can flip both layers back.

These veils can also be purchased with beautiful details like bows, fascinators and lace embellishments

Is your head starting to spin yet?! Many brides also choose to accent their veils with little pearls and rhinestones scattered across the veil or along the bottom edge. Its a beautiful way to add a little sparkle or glamour adding that finishing touch :)

Styling ideas:

All photos from Style Me Pretty Weddings

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